As a PHP expert, I would like to share with you some code for implementing the Facebook ADS module in Perfex CRM. This module will allow users to create, manage, and track their Facebook ads directly from the CRM.

Step 1: Create a new module
First, we need to create a new module in Perfex CRM. This can be done by going to Setup > Modules > Create New Module. Name the module “Facebook Ads” and give it a unique identifier.

Step 2: Set up the database
We will need to create a table in the database to store our Facebook ads data. You can use any naming convention you prefer, but we will call our table “fb_ads”. The table should have the following fields:

– id (primary key)
– user_id (to link the ad to the user)
– ad_name
– ad_set_name
– campaign_name
– ad_status
– ad_budget
– ad_start_date
– ad_end_date
– ad_results
– ad_link
– ad_creation_time
– ad_last_update

Step 3: Create a controller
Next, we need to create a controller to handle the functionality of the module. We will call this controller “FacebookAds.php” and save it in the modules folder. Here is an example of what the controller might look like: